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ZMan’s 5” Jerk ShadZ is a soft jerkbait profile that is perfect for snapper, but also dynamite when fished slowly or erratically for flathead and reefies or fished at high speed for tuna or mackerel. What sets this jerkbait apart from others is its ElaZtech construction, making it 10X tougher than standard plastics. This means less soft plastics torn apart by pickers and toothy critters, less time re-rigging and more time with the lure in the strike zone!

Jerk ShadZ are infused with 100% natural scent derived from real baitfish, and designed to attract fish and trigger strikes. Unlike other scented lures that can be quite stiff and lifeless, Zman lures are incredibly soft, flexible, realistic and buoyant. Being buoyant makes the Jerk ShadZ extremely versatile as they can be rigged to fish across the surface or weighted to fish throughout the water column from top to bottom. If you are looking for a jerkbait that is soft and realistic, scented and up to 10X tougher, check out the ZMan 5” Jerk ShadZ.

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