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Alex's Column 1 April 2021

Easter is always a great time of year to go fishing, as long as you appreciate that there are bound to be lots of 4WDs, lots of boats and lots of anglers at all the more-popular spots.

There’s no doubt the big rivers will be inundated with anglers and their families looking for a hot barra session and perhaps even a big one.

Starting with the East Alligator River, which forms the border between Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to drive there.

Yesterday Magela Creek crossing was 1.4m and dropping very slowly.

Diesel 4WDs with snorkels will probably get through over Easter, but that’s if it doesn’t rain some more out there.

Notwithstanding, if you do get to the East, the world could be your oyster in terms of barra fishing.

There are bound to be several feeder creeks flowing with tannin-coloured water, including the mighty Magela itself.

Closer to Darwin, the big Easter tides should really move some water around on the South Alligator River.

Expect big mullet schools upstream from the ramp, especially around Nourlangie Creek mouth.

Morning low tides up the river could be productive – once again, where there are defined colour changes.

Way downriver on the South is another option.

About an hour’s run down, a great spot is Six Pack Creek, and there are two other creeks just before it.

You can also shoot right down to the mouth of the South Alligator and fish Brook Creek which is famous for its big barramundi.

There are actually many good barra spots, including around rocky outcrops, at the bottom end of the South.

Shady Camp should see an armada of boats, and the go there will be to hit the coastal creeks around high tide either side of the Mary River mouth.

Shady hasn’t been fishing as well as expected of late, but that may be just because there is still so much water coming down.

Maybe the big tides will stir things up.

The Adelaide River is an easy pick for a day trip or even a half-day sojourn.

Upriver, there are plenty of creeks to fish, including Marrakai which you can navigate way up inside to where it narrows.

There’s a sneaky rock-bar there by the way.

Down around the mouth of the Adelaide will be hard going as the water will be filthy.

I hear the Finniss River is still fishing well around the mouth, and should be popular over Easter with the handy accommodation at Lodge of Dundee.

I expect there will be hordes of anglers hitting the Daly River over Easter, especially as it is dropping down below the 7m mark.

It should be good business for all the holiday parks along the Daly, and that’s great.

One tip for the Daly is to fish those feeder creeks on the bottom half of the tide.

Apart from the big rivers, there’ll plenty of barra to be caught in both Darwin and Bynoe Harbours on the spring tides over Easter.

And don’t forget that, even though Million Dollar Fish Season 6 finished yesterday, there are still seven red-tagged barra worth $1m each if caught even out of season.

Of course, once one is caught, the others become worthless.

It’s looking like conditions will not be favourable for offshore fishing over Easter, with fairly strong easterlies already starting.

As for the wet season, we’re told it’s on its last breath, but there is also a chance of a cyclone next week… go figure!

I hope you all catch some fish this Easter, but please stay safe and take care on the water.

Crystal Gray’s solo fishing effort on the Adelaide River yielded this sweet land-based barra capture.


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