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Making sure you get the most out of the Boat Shows in 2017.

With recreational boating across all sectors growing in Australia, the Boating Industry Association (BIA) has researched to understand how and when the boating public make decisions about what boating is right for them. As organiser of many boat shows, including Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, it aims to deliver the best experience to visitors.

BIA’s research highlights that boat shows are listed as the second-highest source of information for people buying boats. The first is finding information online and a close third are magazines, like NAFA, which provide readers with the foundations for their next boating purchases.

Fishing is a key interest for those attending shows around the country. At the Sydney Boat Show, 53% of visitors have an interest in fishing. In Brisbane, fishing is the dominant interest with more than 70% of those surveyed having the pastime at heart.

To meet public demand for boating information, BIA has plans for further growth and change at each of its events.

Sydney will be different in many ways.  Returning fully to its home in Darling Harbour, the new building known as ICC-Sydney will provide a world-class and enormous playground for boaties. With the new dual level footprint, BIA has the opportunity for education and entertainment at a level never seen before. Throw in the fact that the show will celebrate its 50th anniversary, 2017 has been earmarked by many as an event not to be missed. The specially-built marina in Cockle Bay, a 2-minute walk from the halls, will also be configured to accommodate the increasing demand for space. With some vessels exceeding the 80-foot mark, the marina will be the location where Australians from all states will converge to satisfy their boating interests. In South Australia, the Adelaide Boat Show took a huge step forward in 2016 and delivered an excellent show for the local market. BIA will continue improvements in 2017 to meet the wishes of visitors.

Located at the Adelaide Showground, the event has had a formidable history of delivering the best the industry has to offer with boating. Local industry, including a couple of local manufacturers, have taken pride in using the event to show off their new releases.  Brisbane’s new format in 2016, inclusive of a return to its previous home at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, was a success for both industry and visitors. So much so, the venue has been called upon to provide a further space in 2017 that will see the show grow by 30%.

The Brisbane Boat Show was launched almost 60 years ago, and with Australia’s manufacturing hub at its doorstep, visitors are guaranteed to enjoy a strong local recreational boating presence.  Market data shows that more than 90% of all boats registered are under 8m. Satisfying market demand, the Brisbane Boat Show has become one of, if not the leading trailer boat show in Australia. However, it is not known how long this will last, with larger vessel retailers and manufacturers showing interest after the event’s success last year. Information about the shows will be updated on the relevant web sites as the show dates approach.

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