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C-Map Max-N+ Cartography Now Available For Selected Lowrance, Simrad And B&G Navigation Systems

Global electronic chart provider Jeppesen (, along with Lowrance, Simrad and B&G, have announced the global release of C-MAP MAX-N+ cartography. This revolutionary cartography has been developed to bring new features, advanced chart detail and improved performance to boaters using popular Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch, Simrad NSS evo2 & NSO evo2, and B&G Zeus2 & Zeus Touch chartplotter/multifunction display systems. MAX-N+ cartography provides users with a variety of enhanced features, including to make the most of any boating excursion. Jeppesen’s Easy Routing quickly takes any two points and generates a suggested route, while highlighting dangerous legs along the route that can easily be modified and saved. By alerting boaters to potential hazards such as shoals, sandbars, submerged rocks or other obstacles, Easy Routing helps boaters navigate unfamiliar waters with increased confidence. Jeppesen’s global Dynamic Tides and Currents database predicts the time, water level and direction of the tides and presents this information to boaters with Tide Level graphs. The current prediction feature can predict the time, direction and strength of currents using Current Flow graphs, as well as graphically with coloured arrows indicating current speed and direction. Predictions for Tides and Currents can be viewed days in advance and provides boaters vital information such as the best time to navigate a tricky inlet or where to find the best fishing spots or anchoring positions. MAX-N+ also features Jeppesen’s C-Marina Port database, providing easy access to detailed information on popular ports and marinas around the world. Onscreen Port Detail icons open to provide categorised information useful to boaters - including port layout and facilities, operating hours, accessibility, phone/email contact information and more. With this worldwide database at their fingertips, boaters can be better prepared for whatever awaits them at the end of a long day’s voyage. MAX-N+ charts are offered in affordable MAX-N+ Local and MAX-N+ Wide coverage areas, providing both value and extensive boating range. They can be purchased through Jeppesen dealers worldwide on pre-programmed micro SD cards (with adapter), or online via Jeppesen direct. They can also be purchased directly through the Insight Store ( To operate new MAX-N+ charts, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotters must be upgraded to the latest version software. The software upgrades will be available for free download worldwide over the coming weeks by visiting:


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