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Reel manufacturing based on the HAGANE concept is supported by  the unique metalworking technology that Shimano has developed over  the years. The precision cold-forged “HAGANE Gear” is tremendously strong and durable from the edges of the teeth to the root of the gear.  The “Micromodule Gear System” provides seamless reeling through the engagement between the super-refined teeth. The “X-SHIP” system achieves powerful and smooth cranking thanks to the gear system that is designed to effectively transmit input power. The highly rigid “HAGANE Body” eliminates distortion as well as flex during reeling and protects the interior of the reel from unexpected impact. By  integrating these representative metalworking technologies, Shimano  gives you the feeling of smooth reeling that is unique to Shimano reels.

HAGANE GEAR Precision cold-forged gears symbolise Shimano’s metalworking technology. Unlike with hot forging, Shimano’s precision cold forging technology, in which metal is compressed at room temperatures, achieves excellent precision and strength. The HAGANE Gear is produced by applying about 200 tons of pressure to the raw metal.  This technology involves no cutting work to forge a high-precision gear, and with micron accuracy in a single process. This is unlike any other in the world. MICROMODULE GEAR SYSTEM With the gear teeth super-refined to the limit, the “Micromodule Gear System” enables seamless engagement and power transmission. The System, without compromising strength, reduces noise and provides you with far better sensitivity. You will be able to sense even the most subtle strike from a fish.  The X-SHIP system enables smooth reeling even under heavy loads. Shimano’s unique mechanism for robust gear engagement uses an enlarged drive gear, optimum positioning of the pinion and drive gears, and two-point support of  the pinion gear whose ends are supported by bearings. This is shown to be proven even when you are fighting very large fish, and the X-SHIP system efficiently transmits the input power, enabling powerful reeling. HAGANE BODY The HAGANE Body is made of highly-rigid metals such as aluminium and magnesium. With its weight reduced to the limit, the HAGANE Body eliminates flex, warp and distortion of the reel, allowing smooth reeling with  little power loss. Furthermore, the highly-rigid body protects the engagement of the HAGANE Gear and the Micromodule Gear System from shock, while maintaining smooth reeling. 

See African tigerfish caught on Shimano Stradic 4000XG-FK – constructed withHAGANE technology.


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