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The myCOOLMAN PowerPack eliminates the need for your myCOOLMAN portable fridge/freezer to be tethered to a vehicle, boat or a heavy/cumbersome power source.

The PowerPack is the perfect accessory to take your myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer out for a BBQ and some backyard cricket, fishing with mates, or camping off the beaten track.

The myCOOLMAN PowerPack is Lithium Ion based, allowing it to be recharged more times than other types of batteries. A blue LED display allows the user to clearly and easily identify the remaining battery capacity.

Key Features:

· Magnetically mounted using magnetic mounting pads.

· Fully charged in 6 hours.

· 12v/15Ah lithium battery

· LED display

· Up to 18 hours run time

· Portable

· Rated to IP66*

· Weighs 1.65kg

* IP66 means the unit is totally dust tight. It has full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. It is also protected against direct high-pressure jets; however, the instructions advise it is better not to wet or spray the unit.

Alex Julius Comment:

It was damn hot in Kakadu National Park during the NAFA Good Gear Shoot, but once again we were stoked with just how well the 60L myCOOLMAN performed, stowed as it is under the forward casting platform. We used the magnetic myCOOLMAN Power Pack which kept the fridge running all day on the water at 4 degrees. This meant we didn't need to tap into the boat's batteries. We simply put the fridge on 240 mains overnight while the Power Pack charged. It's an amazing setup.

Importantly, under Turbo mode, the myCOOLMAN will come down from 27 degrees 4 degrees in under 15 minutes... amazing!


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