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High-speed jigging, live baiting and deep water bait fishing methods are amongst the most popular forms of fishing Australia wide. Whilst some anglers prefer spinning reels for their ease of use and functionality, others draw on the brute strength, construction and sheer pulling power of conventional overhead reels due to their robustness and heavy-drag systems to tackle the harder-fighting fish.

The new Cedros star drag reels are an advanced piece of machinery designed with similar technologies to that of the successful Okuma Makaira. Star drag reels have two gear selections: engaged or disengaged — that’s all there is to it! You are either dropping a jig to the bottom, or pulling a fish to the top; rest assured that a gearing and drag system as tough as that of the Okuma Cedros has you covered. The Cedros is constructed of A6061-T6 extruded aluminium in an anodised blue finish with ported cross bars for weight reduction. This incredibly sturdy machined aluminium reel is a delight to use for overhead jigging and live baiting.

The multi-disc carbonite caged drag system is capable of outrageous drag pressures, allowing smooth release of line whilst the ratcheting drag star ensures drag settings are precisely set all the time. Sufficient internal self-lubricating gear systems are employed to maintain constant heat dissipation and operating temperatures whilst under extreme load. Cedros star drag reels contain XL gearing in a 
drop-down gear box for increased power and retrieve rates; perfect for high-speed jigging, trolling or even casting.

Currently available in two narrow-spool models, 10S and 12S, the new Okuma Cedros is a reel that’s up to the task time and time again; and it’s supported by the Okuma Lifetime Guarantee.


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