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Australia’s favourite runabout just got better with the recent release of the Quintrex Fishabout Pro. The Fishabout Pro is offered in three sizes: 430, 450 and 470. Each has a maximum capacity of 5 people and horsepower ratings of 60hp, 60hp and 75hp respectively.

Maintaining tradition, the new Fishabout Pro features the current Blade Hull with a new and improved flared bow. The stretch formed aluminium side sheets have more curve that will run further down the length of the boat to deflect more spray away from its passengers.

The greater internal space is a feature of the new Fishabout Pro. As a result of a wider beam and more space between the dash and the transom, fishermen can enjoy more casting room.

To add to the increased space in the Fishabout Pro, each boat no longer comes with a motor well that intrudes into the rear lounge area. Instead it is fitted with a pod transom that allows the outboard to be mounted further back with useful duckboards on either side of the engine.

Quintrex has also reconfigured the dash and bow space to be more user friendly. The lean-through dash and step separates the captain and navigator panels allowing for easy access to the bow anchor or an optional drum winch.

Every Fishabout Pro now has a Bimini, fully-welded side decks, 2 transducer brackets and Premium Hookless carpet as standard in addition to current features like rod holders, folding rear lounge and side pockets.

The Quintrex Fishabout Pro can be optioned up to have a ski pole, sounder or stereo. That way the Fishabout Pro is perfect for any day out fishing, cruising or simply lazing about.

“The first Fishabout dates back to the beginning in 1945, so as you can imagine improvements are incremental on a boat that has been a best seller for years,” said Drew Jackson, Quintrex Boat’s National Account Manager. “Making improvements to a perfect product is hard, but once we focused on what is most important to the customer, we believe we made great leaps to enhance the ever so popular Fishabout Pro.”

“From families to fishos, the Fishabout Pro is my favourite all-rounder. This boat has a great use of space for fishing to water sports to cruising,” said Jackson. “This boat is the memory machine; boaties will never forget a smooth ride in a Fishabout Pro.”


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