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After winning a stack of awards at the recent Australian Fishing Tackle Show, and seriously impressing many tackle shop owners during practical tank testing, there is no doubt that the Sébile range of lures for barramundi and all manner of saltwater predators is destined to find a home in a truckload of anglers’ tackle boxes.

Barra fishermen know that here is a huge range of barramundi lures to choose from on the Australian market. However, it is definitely in their interests to check out the new Sébile Koolie Minnow BRL range which was proven to be a standout performer during trials last season. If you wanted to try just one Sébile lure for barramundi, the Koolie Minnow BRL (Big Round Lip) is definitely it. This long-bodied crankbait has recently won the Best Hard Lure award at the AFTA 2010 trade show held on the Gold Coast. This is the 3rd largest tackle trade show in the world, with awards judged by independent tackle industry professionals. At the AFTA show, Sébile had a casting tank set up where all Sébile lure actions could be demonstrated to tackle shop buyers in attendance. Almost every tackle shop proprietor who saw the Koolie Minnow BRL said basically the same thing: the BRL has an incredibly amazing action for attracting barra to strike it! In addition to the Best Hard Lure, Sébile also won the Best Soft Lure and Best Terminal Tackle category, an impressive effort for a new company.

The Koolie Minnow BRL is available in 118mm and 145mm sizes, which cover most situations, but don’t overlook the larger 190mm BRL for the trophy-size barramundi that haunt some of the dams. Because they are landlocked and therefore cannot make spawning runs to the brackish tidal river waters to reproduce, these dam-dwelling barra reserve all their energy for growing to outlandish proportions, and the Koolie Minnow BRL 190mm is sure to appeal to the biggest barra. Of course, the Koolie BRL has also proven to be highly effective when cast or trolled for mackerel, tuna, coral trout and many other saltwater predators.

The Koolie Minnow BRL 118 has already proven to be very popular with anglers casting at snags and drains, and also for anglers slow trolling shallow areas for barra. The BRL118 is available in the blood-red-and-possessed colour series, which feature oil-filled bodies. The oil-filled bodies send out a low frequency sound wave which, Sébile explains, closely imitates the sound waves given off by the natural swimming action of a real baitfish. These oil-filled bodies, along with the incredible swimming action of these lures, make them nearly impossible for barra, and many other predators, to resist.

The 145 and 190 BRL lures come with full wire construction and heavy-duty trebles for targeting big fish, and come in a range of colours sure to excite any fish. All of the Sébile range features strong Owner split rings, and Owner trebles on all lures.

In all three sizes, the Koolie Minnow BRL can be cast incredibly long distances. A heavy metal ball inside rolls into and transfers much of the lure’s weight into the tip of its pointed tail when you cast, resulting in a seriously-straight, long-distance flight without tumbling or rolling in mid-air. The BRL may be slow trolled too. The slower you retrieve or troll, the deeper it descends, reaching 2-3m depending on the model. What’s most interesting about the BRL is that, as you speed up the retrieve or troll faster, the BRL will react by behaving increasingly more like a darting, fleeing baitfish, rising higher toward the water’s surface as its only hope to escape a pursuing predator. At the fastest speed, the Koolie Minnow BRL will skip and splash on the surface in a desperate attempt to jump out of the water to avoid being eaten! Its unique action is something you’ll want to experience for yourself.

This Sébile lure is the one that excited the judges at AFTA, and it was voted Best Hard Lure for a reason. Once you see the incredible swimming action of the Koolie BRL, you’ll see why Sébile’s innovative designs will catch you more fish.


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