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The Bluewater Pro Series range

The team at Bluewater Lures recently launched the new Bluewater Minnow into stores. Although this lure has been on the market for well over a decade, it has kept evolving as new technology becomes available.

Version 3.0 comes with an integrated bib and the Ghost mould body allows finishes and colours that have never been seen in this type of pelagic lure. The integrated bib is an important design function; when a lure is hit at 60km/hour by a large predatory fish, it can sometimes throw off the tuning of a lure. The new bib design has ensured the lure swims straight, right out of the box, and can take the roughest of punishment and still swim true, time and time again.

The lure comes in a standard model and a Pro Series model which is only distinguished by a unique finish. The standard model is brought to life by the LIVEGLO Fluorescent Technology, whilst the Pro Series has the addition of the Ghost mould which allows these colour ranges to be further enhanced.

The exciting addition in the Pro Series allows the lure to replicate shell patterns, only previously seen in resin-based lures. These new finishes in the Pro Series are a result of sourcing new materials and a new technique to offer colours never seen before in pelagic trolling lures. These colours have been extremely effective in Bluewater’s other ranges like the Bluewater Bullet Bait.

The new lure comes in a single-dive depth of 3-4m in sizes 160mm and 200mm. This dive depth for the lures is optimum for both high-speed and low-drag andis ideal for the fast-moving pelagics.

The lures come fitted with super tough 3X VMC Hooks and can easily be upgraded to singles if required.

Be sure to check the lures out in tackle stores or on


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