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Abu Garcia Velocity Rods

The unique design of Abu Garcia rods delivers the next generation of performance, action and balance in fishing rods.

The advantage of cutting edge, ultra-lightweight technology is built into the core of each Velocity rod. By using our unique low resin content graphite and High Velocity Tip (HVT), the Velocity takes on a jaw dropping, balanced and lightweight feel.

Low Resin Content graphite utilises advanced resins that minimise resin content in the construction of a graphite rod and deliver a rod that is lighter in the hand and more sensitive than traditional graphite rods, without sacrificing strength. High Velocity Tip (HVT) combines high modulus graphite with refined tapers to deliver a hyper-responsive tip section for superb casting performance.

The combination of the Abu Garcia designed C6 Total Exposure Reel Seat and 40 Ton graphite blank provide optimum sensitivity by allowing vibrations to be transmitted directly to the angler. Balance and weight reduction is enhanced further with an attractive split butt configuration. On heavier models (V701MH, V761M, V510MH and V510H) a unique split fore grip is incorporated to give a solid grip further up the rod when the battle is on while still retaining the benefits of direct blank contact.

Abu Garcia Technology combines seamlessly with Fuji K Alconite guides in the Velocity series to deliver a range of rods where high performance is demanded by both the angler and the quarry they target. Match these rods to the new Revo spin and Revo low-profile reels for a combo that is ready for just about anything.


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