South Queensland boat builder, Enlightened Boating Pty Ltd has expanded its range of infused fibreglass and foam boats with the purchase of Cross X Country Boats. Enlightened Boating managing director John Hall said the company will be producing four car toppers under the Ezy Topper brand, and four trailerable Cross X Country boats. Ezy Topper boats are the 3m and 3.7m Barra, and the 3.7m and 4.1m Vee. The Cross X Country boats being built are 3.7m. 4.1m, 4.3m, and 4.75m sizes. Mr Hall said that all boats are being built to customer specifications as regards accessories such as live bait tanks. “We have integrated production of Cross X Country at our Caboolture factory,” Mr Hall said. “The advantages of these boats over tinnies is weight and strength. You need less horsepower to drive these boats faster.” Mr Hall said a trailerable 4.3m Cross X Country needed just 20HP to reach 40kmh, but a comparable tinny required 40-50hp to achieve the same speed. “There is about 270kg difference between a 4.3 Cross X Country and a tinny of the same size, so you are starting with the equivalent of three people less. “And if you need to repair one of these boats, all you need is a surfboard repair kit.”