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Are you travelling, camping or fishing and need a hot water solution? Fit a Glind water heater to your vehicle and have hot or cold water whenever you want, not only this year, but for years to come.

For the last 20 years Glind has been supplying lovers of the outdoors with the one basic home comfort most loathe to leave behind — the use of refreshing pressurized hot or cold water.

The great attraction of this unit is that it is so simple to use. A heat exchanger water heater is mounted permanently in the vehicles engine bay and coupled with a pressure pump, will supply good pressure and adjustable water temperature to the user. The unit will give years of quality service, and is transferable from vehicle to vehicle.

Engine coolant and fresh water travel in separate chambers inside the heater and as long as the engine is at operating temperature and you have fresh water in your tank, hot water is as simple as turning on the tap.

In the words of well known fisherman, camping expert and journalist, Wayne Kampe: “Freed from camping grounds, I can rely upon the heat exchanger and pressure pump under the car bonnet to provide an endless source of hot water for making those camping chores easy and a hot shower at day’s end is something to really look forward to .”Now with the Glind heat exchanger water heaters available from $225, why should you do without one of life’s great pleasures — a good hot shower.

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