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The TX3100VP Starter Kit makes it easy for those new to the world of CB radios. This kit comes with a Super Compact 5 watt UHF CB Radio with a high performance 6.6dBi ground independent antenna and mounting bracket.

With GME’s TX3100 Starter Kit, you’ll begin your UHF CB experience with everything you need from the word go. The TX3100’s super compact size and power, combined with its ease of use, makes it a perfect UHF CB radio for all types of users. Coupled with the AE4018K2 high-performance antenna and mounting bracket, this Starter Kit is all you’ll ever need!

GME engineering DNA is at the heart of these products, guaranteeing high performance in real world conditions and embedded with unique DSP radio technology and the highest-quality material.

The GME TX3100 radio is Australian designed and built and is one of the most advanced UHF Citizen Band radios available with its front-mounted controls, designed for unobtrusive mounting in modern vehicles.


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