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Flash Point tail spinners, from Australian brand TT Lures, feature a realistic baitfish profile, 3D eyes, hand-painted finishes, chemically-sharpened black nickel hook and a 24K gold-plated or nickel-plated blade designed to create flash and vibration to call fish to the lure and trigger strikes.

They have been tested and proven on bass, golden perch and cod, while also producing some surprise captures in the salt. Deadly on a slow roll, hopped retrieve or vertical presentation, Flash Point tail spinners are available in two weights – 14g and 20g, and eight of TT Lures most popular tested and proven colours – Golden Boy, Red Nightmare, Aussie Green and Gold, Brown Mongrel, Peacock Blue, Purple Minnow, Silver Minnow and Green Back.

Next time you’re on the water, heat your session up to Flash Point!


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