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Shimano Impact Nano Xt Rods

While the use of the word “snappy” in conjunction with fishing rods usually conjures up visions of exploding graphite, it’s a good way to describe the crisp feel and casting power of Shimano’s Impact Nano XT rods. Nano resin technology lies at the heart of the Nano XT’s construction, but careful consideration was also taken into account when selecting the ideal fittings, in order to complement the weight savings and dynamic performance characteristics of these remarkable blanks. Consequently, ‘The Australian Rod Builder’ Ian Miller has chosen Sea Guides, comfortable, high density EVA grips, and split grip assemblies where applicable with Fuji ACS baitcast and VSS spin reel seats to make these rods come alive. There’s a choice of ten light estuary/freshwater rods, baitcasters, offshore spin rods and a versatile shore spin in the range, so there’s something there for the most discerning angler.


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