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A new range of upgrades will cost boaters less, and improve boating safety. Simrad Yachting, the innovative leader in the design and manufacture of marine electronics, has announced the availability of Simrad NSS promotional bundles that will make the fully featured range of multi-function displays even more accessible and affordable for Australian boaters. Available immediately, and perfect for boaters who want to upgrade their electronics over the winter period, the bundles represent excellent value for money for consumers by giving them access to the award-winning features of Simrad NSS at a significant price reduction. Three Simrad NSS bundles are available as part of this promotion: • The largest display within the range, the 12.1in. NSS12 display is offered with a free BSM-1 Broadband sounder module, free GoFree WIFI-1 wireless module, and free C-MAP MAX-N chart, and available at a promotional RRP of $3,999. • The NSS8 is packaged with a free GoFree WIFI-1 wireless module and free C-MAP MAX-N chart at $2,299 RRP. • The NSS7 is offered with a free GoFree WIFI-1 wireless module, free C-MAP MAX-N chart and with a 50/200 kHz transom mount transducer at $1,499 RRP. Incorporating outstanding TouchSensible™ technology, the NSS Sport is the ideal touchscreen navigation system for recreational boaters. Available with bright, sleek, and stylish 6.4, 8, and 12.1 inch displays, the NSS Sport line is simple to use and easy to expand. Similar to NSE and NSO, the NSS range delivers “best in class” charting, radar, and echo sounder performance, as well as unique control and integration options. SIMRAD’S NEW HANDHELD VHF Simrad has released a new, feature-packed, handheld, class D, DSC marine VHF radio, the Simrad HH36. The new model is loaded with the latest technology, and benefits from integrated GPS, loud and clear audio, and navigational features that leave other handheld VHF radios in the shade. With the largest backlit LCD screen of any GPS equipped VHF handheld radio currently available (25.5 x 40.4mm), the Simrad HH36 provides essential information to boaters at a glance. As well as all the features you would expect from a high quality handheld VHF, such as international channels, dedicated channel 16 button, and Dual Watch, Simrad has added integrated GPS, and two new screen modes: Navigation mode and Plotter mode. Integrated GPS provides boaters with instant and accurate positional data as well as allowing aiding DSC communication for ultimate safety. Navigation mode shows users a whole host of useful navigational tools such as current bearing, distance to waypoint (DTW), speed over ground (SOG) and course over ground (COG). Boaters can even create a GoTo route using their HH36 for on-the-go planning. Plotter mode gives an instant view of nearby waypoints in a diagrammatic form and includes key navigational information such as DTW and COG. The Simrad HH36 takes handheld VHF usability to a whole new level, thanks to easy to use soft keys and a large push-to-talk button, which is ideally suited for use when wearing gloves. There is also a dedicated GoTo button, which has MOB functionality for added peace of mind and safety. Waterproof to JIS-7 standard and lightweight at less than 300g, the Simrad HH36 is ideal for the social boater, as it stores details of up to 20 friends, and allows users to transmit their position at the touch of a button thanks to the ‘Get Buddy’ function. With a battery life of up to 13 hours, boaters can make the most of time away from the helm, safe in the knowledge that the handy battery life indicator and automatic power save mode will ensure they’re ready to go when it matters most. The Simrad HH36 with 1W/5W selective transmit power. RRP is $299. To find out more about the great value Simrad marine electronics range, or to find your nearest Simrad dealer, visit


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