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Unitika Silver Thread Shock Leader FC is an extremely hard fluorocarbon leader with stretch properties. Although super tough, it is still very knot friendly. To date, this is the toughest leader from Unitika, and is suited to popping, jigging and all extreme sportfishing, whilst still been an exceptional leader for fishing soft plastics over reefs. This is a good leader to use where both structure and teeth are present. It is available in 100m spools in sizes: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80lb.

Unitika Power Jigging 8 is a new dedicated jigging braid. It is constructed of 8 strands of Unitika’s ultra PE fibres to achieve maximum line strength and smoothness. J8’s ultra-smooth braiding takes friction to its absolute minimum, ensuring line integrity in the harsh world of heavy-line popping and jigging. It is also colour marked every 5 metres to ensure anglers know where their lures are all the time, every time. It is available in 300m spools in sizes: PE 4 (62lb), PE 6 (86lb) & PE 8 (113lb). Enquiries:


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