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Alex's Fishing Column 30/7/2020

It’s great news that conditions aren’t too bad for this coming long weekend.

For starters, after blowing all week, the winds will drop noticeably over the three days.

If you’re not heading to the Darwin Cup on Monday, then that’s the best day of all for offshore conditions.

The tides are the other positive about conditions on the long weekend.

We’re just coming off the neaps and steadily moving towards the bigger spring tides.

However, although there’ll be more current offshore, water clarity should still be excellent.

I have no doubt there will be an armada of boats heading offshore from Dundee.

Hasn’t that iconic location been the bluewater fishing spot of choice this year?

It seems every man and his dingo have been catching great reef fish and some notable pelagics.

Wherever you fish offshore, you should be able to get two daylight tide changes on both Saturday and Sunday… always peak bite periods.

On Monday, it’s a three-tide day, with the morning high at 6.30 and then two more tide changes while it’s still daylight.

That would be a big day’s fishing, of course.

What I also really like is that there’s a full moon on Tuesday, which suits to a tee an opportunity to chase barra: just prior to a full moon is spot-on for barra fishing.

If you’re thinking Darwin Harbour or Bynoe Harbour, Monday is the go with the slightly-smaller low tide around midday, and increased water movement.

However, I’d be more inclined to head for Shoal Bay, especially the Howard River and up inside Tree Point inlet.

A daybreak charge from Buffalo Creek on Saturday, or a bit later over the next two days, should get you up inside the estuary well before low tide, and where it’s protected and possibly holding barra.

The muddies have been running amuck in Shoal Bay too for most of this year, so it won’t hurt to chuck in some crab pots.

Also worth considering for barra are Leaders Creek, Saltwater Arm and the lower reaches of the Adelaide River.

The tides are just great for those places too.

The Women’s Barratoga Bash will be held on Corroboree Billabong on 4-5 September.

This new all-female competition came about following the cancellation this year of the Secret Women’s Barra Challenge, known widely as SWB.

Like other big comps this year, the Palmerston Game Fishing Club organisers had no choice but to cancel this event as it involved many big sponsors and quite a few interstate competitors.

However, it’s great that a women’s comp is still going ahead, albeit in a scaled down version.

According to co-ordinator, Kris Noble, the Barratoga Bash is not focused on awards but on everyone getting together and being able to fish, have fun and hang with your friends.

“That's not to say there are no awards as there will be prizes for: Champion Team, Champion Angler, Reidy's Biggest Barra, Reidy's Biggest Saratoga, TKT Communication's Smallest Fish, and Best Dressed Toga (team award),” Kris explained.

“There are no runner-up prizes; I've diverted more prizes into the Competitor ID badge draws (now known as the Treasure Trove prizes) so everyone has more of a chance to take something home,” Kris said.

The Barratoga Bash venue will be Corroboree Park Tavern, and there are 39 teams registered.


At 109cm, Ron Santiago’s big barra is a dry season ripper.

Raphael Bickle’s golden snapper is typical of big reefies on the bite wide of Dundee.


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