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BOATING PA: Yamaha 130A

Purpose built from the ground up to go the distance harsh marine environments, Yamaha’s F130A sits between the F115 and F150 outboard engines and is ideally suited to boats in the popular 5 to 6m size range. Weighing in at 172kg, the F130A trims the fat by utilising a light and compact power trim and tilt unit and the latest light-weight materials throughout the engine and the cowl design. Applying technologies developed for Yamaha’s bigger power plants, the new F130A incorporates a cutting edge fuel injection system, along with state-of-the-art camshaft, air intake and electronic throttle valve technologies. Utilising a 16-valve, 1832cc, in-line 4-cylinder engine from the F115B, the F130A now includes the use of a single electronic throttle valve that interprets the input from the mechanical control at the helm and deliverers the optimum throttle movement for exact response and precision control. This system works in tune with a completely new fuel injection and ignition system. The F130A has been designed with a 5mm offset crankshaft for efficient combustion and durability as well as an enhanced lower gear unit to reliably transfer the extra torque to the water. Compact and light-weight in design, the F130A's performance and efficiency translates to fuel economy, reliability and performance.  For maximum performance, new SDS (Shift Dampener System) propellers are available from 9” to 16” in   aluminium and from 14”   to 24” in Stainless steel.  Conventional propellers are also available for custom fittings in stainless steel or aluminium from 11” to 25” in pitch.

Spotlight on the Yamaha F130A

LIGHT WEIGHT: Weighs only 172kg.

ENGINE: 16 big-valve engine (1,832cc inline 4-cylinder format with DOHC).

STYLING: Latest-generation styling with new top cowling and sleek design EFI Multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection and micro-computer control.

DIRECT IGNITION: Direct ignition system for superior performance.

THROTTLE VALVE: Electronic throttle valve and streamlined intake manifold.

FUEL EFFICIENT: Extremely fuel efficient – lower running costs and reliability.

SERVICE FRIENDLY: Service-friendly design with flange-mounted flywheel and oil- catcher tray.

COMMAND LINK: Optional Command Link System - drives latest multi-function gauges.

VARIABLE TROLLING RPM: Variable trolling RPM – adjusts low speed rpm in 50 RPM steps

Y-COP (OPTIONAL) Exclusive Y-COP immobiliser/ security system – for peace of mind.

POWER TRIM: Yamaha’s compact, lightweight single-ram Power Trim and Tilt unit.

TILT LIMITER: Tilt Angle Limiter available as an Option.

HIGH OUTPUT ALTERNATOR: 35 Amp high output alternator – extra power for starting and accessories.

SDS PROP: New Talon Series stainless propeller with less noise and vibration - quieter running.

CONVENIENCE: Fresh water flushing device – just plug in a hose and wash through to flush the engine.

The new SDS Talon high-thrust, shift-dampening range of propellers offers superb performance and very smooth, quiet gear shifts.

Engines in the 130hp power range match perfectly with many popular alloy and fibreglass offshore hulls, especially in the 5 to 6m class.


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