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MINELAB - The Go-Find Series Metal Detectors


Having the best tackle can mean the difference between snagging a great catch and going home empty-handed. The same can be said for dirt fishing. It is important to have the best gear in the tackle box when searching for treasure that is too valuable to throw back.

If you are not sure how to get going, Minelab has a complete arsenal for all types of metal detecting. The GO-FIND series metal detectors are a great place to start for getting yourself and the family involved. With digital target identification in the GO-FIND 44 and 66, the GO-FIND takes all the guesswork out of metal detecting, telling you what is below the coil while you detect.

Kicking it up a notch with the Minelab MULTI-IQ technology, the VANQUISH detectors are compact and ideal for beach detecting. With dedicated coin, relic, jewelry, and custom detection modes, as well as a waterproof coil, the VANQUISH detectors make it easy to search for lost treasure in wet sand and shallow water.

Step up to the power, performance and technology with the GO-FIND 66.

With no shortage of locations to find treasure, you're sure to get hooked on detecting.

Likewise, the EQUINOX detectors are built with all the bells and whistles capable of catching the big one. The EQUINOX is an extremely versatile metal detector. It can be used up to 3m underwater with dedicated modes for use at the beach, park and field, and even for finding gold nuggets in the gold fields of Australia.

Whether you need an activity to keep the kids occupied or fund that year-round fishing adventure, Minelab has something for you. With no shortage of locations to find treasure, you're sure to get hooked on detecting.

Minelab metal detectors have dealers located all around Australia and the world for training and support. There are many online communities, instructional videos, detecting clubs, and more to help you out as you learn the ropes and get you detecting.



Advanced technology and innovative features for performance.

Compact and No Assembly

It’s easy. There’s nothing to assemble and no loose parts that can get lost.

Easy-Trak Automatic

Auto ground-tracking reduces noise interference and maximises target signals.

Treasure View

Red = iron targets, likely trash. Green = non-iron targets, possibly treasure!

Know treasure from trash. GO-FIND’s Treasure View feature lights up to tell you what’s trash or treasure down there. Get red LEDs, you’ve most likely found a nail or a key. Get green LEDs and you’ve found coins or jewellery.

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