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Meopta had hunters in mind when it designed its new Optika HD field glasses in 8x42 and 10x42. The new line features precision HD optics and unmatched edge-to-edge sharpness, coupled to increased contrasts that allows hunters to see better in low-light conditions – morning and evening – when wildlife and game are out feeding or hunting.

These lightweight, rugged, magnesium-alloy binoculars are encased in a newly-designed shock-proof, rubber-armored exterior for a modern look and feel. The advanced HD lenses, combined with phase-correction and dielectric coatings, deliver incredible brightness, superior colour fidelity, edge-to-edge sharpness and increased contrast, allowing hunters to see better in low light. The twist-up eyecups on the Optika HD binoculars are metal with a soft rubber exterior, making them extremely durable and comfortable while eliminating the risk of breakage in the field. Like all Meopta binoculars, the Optika HD series is nitrogen purged and fully sealed for fog proof and waterproof performance in the most demanding conditions.


Having a secure storage solution for your valuable firearms is paramount.

Winchester has a good range of gun-black, powder-coated gun safes, manufactured from 14-gauge drill-resistant 2mm steel walls and fitted with 3mm steel doors with recessed chrome handles. The door is secured with four internal locking pins. The lock is internal, meaning there are no latches to grind or cut off. All safes have pre-drilled bolt holes that give you a choice of securing it to the floor.

The interior of safes is important. Inbuilt firearm slots organise your guns and keep them apart so that the stocks and metal are protected from others. Winchester ensure your guns are protected with grey carpet liners and foam gun holders that won’t mar your firearms. It matters little if you are a one-gun person or a collector, Winchester has 4, 8, 12, 19- and 24-gun models. Prices range from $400 to $995. That is great value to secure and protect your firearms, and less than the cost of a nice gun nowadays. Winchester safes will also withstand extreme external heat for some time.


Winchester AA Xtra-Lite Target ammunition is a low-recoil option, high-volume target shooter which allows for multiple rounds of trap, sporting clays or skeet without the fatigue. AA Shotshells feature a high-strength hull providing reliable performance and reload-ability along with a specially engineered wad designed to increase pattern performance and reduce recoil for high-volume shooters. The high-quality primer and powder ensure reliable ignition while the hard lead shot breaks more clays.


  • Proven Hard Shot –Tighter, hard-hitting patterns

  • High-Strength Hull – Reliable performance and excellent reload-ability

  • AA Wads – Specially designed to reduce felt-recoil and improve pattern performance

  • Best-in-class Primer and Powder – Consistent, dependable and clean burning.


No two hunters are alike, and neither are their bows. This parallel limb bow case is fully customisable, allowing archers to securely transfer and protect their bow no matter the make, model or setup. The case is constructed with an industrial-strength exterior and features generous dimensions, movable tie-downs and adjustable PillarLock® system. A utility box is also included for convenient accessory storage.


  • Pluck foam for customisable pillar placement

  • Adjustable crushproof PillarLock® system allows for multiple bow configurations

  • Included Plano® utility box fits into molded compartment for additional protected storage

  • Arrow holder for six arrows

  • Three interior tie-down straps to secure bow

  • Exterior: 108 x 47 x 19cm


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