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Jensen® Heavy Duty Mini Waterproof Stereo

Small in stature, heavy duty in structure, this one-of-a-kind stereo with exclusive design features and mounting solutions is ideal for all heavy-duty applications where space is at a premium. This compact stereo has dimensions of 132mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 48mm (D) and offers many audio options for heavy-duty applications that do not typically have the space to offer a standard DIN stereo or for those that lack a cab enclosure to protect a stereo from the elements.

The JHD910 MINI comes complete with features such as a US/Euro AM/FM tuner with programmable station presets, a front aux-in for iPod®, MP3 player, or portable music device use. Functioning on 12VDC power, no batteries are required. The stereo’s presets and clock will be stored in the unit’s memory for up to 30 days, even when the battery is disconnected. The MINI also features corrosion and UV resistant faceplate, backlit controls and a daylight-readable, LCD display with wide-viewing angles. The JHD910 can also be paired with add-on accessories specifically designed for the MINI, including the JENSEN® JXHD35 Waterproof Speakers, the JAN139 150mm Rubber Mast Top/Side Mount Antenna, and a Universal Mounting Kit with brackets and wiring harness.


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